Ron Pope Gets “Awkward” with Jilian Rose Reed

1 February 2014 by Brad Stern

Brooklyn singer Ron Pope has been churning out solid, self-penned rock records for close to a decade now (if you’ve got every episode of “TRL” memorized, then you may recall he performed on the show back in 2008), and he’s reeled in enough devotees to sell out major arenas in Europe and Australia and attract famous fans like Jillian Rose Reed, also known as Tamara from “Awkward.” In fact, you may have already caught some of his tunes on “So You Think You Can Dance,” “The Vampire Diaries,” or “90210.” Also, the winner of “The Voice” Season 1, Javier Colon, released Pope’s “A Drop In The Ocean” as a single in 2012. Ron just dropped a brand-new album called Calling Off The Dogs, which includes the Muse-meets-The Ting Tings-ish lead single “Lick My Wounds.” The accompanying video for this catchy tune has also just arrived, and it’s, well… awkward. Why? Because it stars the aforementioned Jillian Rose Reed. Yep. that Jillian Rose Reed. The Brandon Nicholas-directed clip is sort of like an epic ’80s animated fantasy flick unearthed from an ancient VHS tape, filled with Disclosure-y drawn faces, flares of Illuminati symbolism for good measure, and some seriously fierce royal princess realness courtesy of Jillian. For comic book enthusiasts and/or fans of hand-to-hand, neon paint-splattered combat under a black light (you kind of just have to watch it to understand), this one’s a real visual treat.


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