Neeltje Chanterie

Neeltje Chanterie

Fancy Food

This is one of the sites I am most proud of!
Of course there is always room for improvement, but it’s completely my style and it was an assignment which I’ve done with pleasure.
This task was for the course ‘Webdesign and development’.
∼ It's about wok and how to make a good wok

The assignment was to create a website about your favorite dish. In addition to an informative section, it was also required to integrate a game into the site.
It was meant to be a one-page website, where different parts are loaded via AJAX.

Some other specifications we had to do:

  • The navigation had to be built with JSON-information
  • It was also necessary to have at least one contact form which contains validation (with jQuery) and processed in an appropriate way
  • Cookies had to be used on the site
  • The game had to be set up with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery, not Flash or Canvas element
  • The site had to be dynamic in an appropriate way with jQuery/AJAX (e.g. interactive photo gallery)
  • A responsive lay-out
  • Work with external style sheets and scripts (no inline or embedded)
  • The site must be cross-browser and had to be able to run on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari
  • The site also had to work with external style sheets and scripts (no online or embedded)